Meersens is a positive impact company. Our solution helps mitigate environmental risks and improve the health and well-being of stakeholders. Deployed through SaaS services, APIs, mobile applications, and IoT, our artificial intelligence technology provides a predictive approach to exposome-related risks, actively contributing to the development of preventive actions. This solution specifically targets chronic diseases and caters to various healthcare sector stakeholders, including clinical studies and insurance, while addressing the needs of businesses committed to corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR).

Our technology makes the invisible visible by monitoring, modeling, and predicting pollutants such as air, water, noise, and pollen in real-time, using machine learning and data completion methods.

To measure and visualize the impact of the environment on health, Meersens has developed a health risk index recognized by international health communities. This index is based on global standards, considering short and long-term exposure, recommended values, and health impact documented by literature and experts.

Once environmental concerns are identified, our goal is to engage communities through personalized mobile applications. Users can gain a clear understanding of their immediate environment’s quality, potential risk impacts, and customize their experience to obtain a personalized health risk score measuring the environmental impact on their health.

The preventive aspect of our solution enables stakeholders to make informed decisions by offering simulation scenarios and pollution source detection through environmental assessment and modeling. Users, in turn, receive personalized advice based on health risks, as well as suggestions for behavior change and personal recommendations

Through a clear understanding of environmental pollutants, prevention advice, and actions taken by stakeholders as well as users, we are able to provide recommendations and actions to reduce diseases caused by environmental factors.

Additional Details

  • Facteur Innovant de la solution:We are pioneers with a personalized and customizable solution for the management of environmental data and its impact on health. This is achieved through a multi-pollutant environmental analysis worldwide, both indoors and outdoors, covering over 70 pollutants at a resolution of 50x50m, and with a recognized modeling quality.
  • Valeur ajoutée à la solution:Customization, multi-pollutant environmental analysis worldwide, indoor and outdoor analysis, 99.5% SLA (Service Level Agreement), historical data, predictive, real-time.
  • Bénéficiaires:Clinics, Hospitals, Smart City, Smart Building, Corporate Social Responsibility (RSE)
  • Modèle économique:Our economic model is based on ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) and relies on the subscription to the Meersens EaaS (Exposome as a Service) offering for businesses, industry professionals, communities, and occupational health and safety committees (CSR).
  • En Incubation:No
  • En accélération:No
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